Vintage VDB for real rebels only

These three letters represent an exceptional men’s brand for those who love watches other than the mainstream. V stands for Vintage, which means a look back to respectable craftsmanship and a design, which is based on the world’s best watches for pilots and divers. D and B stand for daily, and beater. Together, all three represent a man’s trustworthy daily companion.

VDB is made and built in Erfurt, Germany and is truly hand-made: This means that, apart from the workings, everything is manufactured by hand, from the housing, hands and face, right through to the strap and even the buckle!

In the world of watches and timepieces, there is rarely a brand without its prominent fans. Well-known stars such as Steffan Effenberg, as well as tough guys from the world of sports including Andy Ruiz Jr., Robert Helenius, Hugh Neff, Alexander Powetkin, and Enrico Kehl all proudly wear Vintage VDB. That was only the beginning! VDB watches are also worn by world famous people as well: The singer Till Lindemann of Rammstein, filmstar Ralf Möller and the German top model Sophia Thomalla, and not to forget the rockers from the group Kiss.

Of course, only the best: Steel, bronze, titanium, Damascus steel, carbon, and ceramic. Many of the larger manufacturers do not even venture into using some of these high value materials, but it is here that VDB is really innovative. The catchword here being bronze; whereby a special alloy is worked that is also used in Formula 1 racing! Only very few can master this technology. In Thuringia, we know our business!

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