Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED
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Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED
Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED
Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED
Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED
Vintage VDB 2018 BLASTED

Vintage VDB 2018 Blasted

price on request

50+ St.

Dear watchlovers and VDB fans, it's THIS TIME of the year again!

We proudly present you: the VDB 2018, celebrating our 10th anniversary with you. It comes in 5 fantastic versions you can choose from: carbon GMT, bronze, polished, blasted and black PVD.

We are happy to offer this masterpiece for pre-order starting today until July, 15th and for a special pre-order price to show our appreciation in your support, your trust and your passion for our handmade beauties straight from the heart of Germany.

VDB 2018 blasted, limited to 50 pieces
pre-order price: 1,090 Euros (regular price: 1,290 Euros)

VDB 2018 polished, limited to 30 pieces
pre-order price: 1,190 Euros (regular price: 1,390 Euros)

VDB 2018 black PVD, limited to 20 pieces
pre-order price: 1,350 Euros (regular price: 1,590 Euros)

VDB 2018 bronze, limited to 20 pieces
pre-order price: 2,000 Euros (regular price: 2,290 Euros)

VDB 2018 carbon GMT, limited to 10 pieces
pre-order price: 2,750 Euros (regular price: 3,290 Euros)

One again we are planning to ship successively as from September, 15th, which means that first pre-orders in are the first pieces we are sending on their journey to their new lucky owner – first-come, first-served. Please keep in mind that we can only guarantee the special pre-order-prices after full payment and only for orders that come in until July, 15th.

Once again the whole team, including mastermind Stephan Obst of course, wishes you numerous wonderful and special moments with your brand new VDB 2018. We’re thankful for your great faith in us and happy to celebrate the shared love for extraordinary timepieces the 10th time in a row! 

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