Vintage VDB wear what you are

The Watchmakers’ Workshop

Watches from VDB are different from all others.

They are totally hand-made and only produced in limited numbers in Erfurt. They offer an exclusive combination of top quality craftsmanship, unique design, and are robust.

The creative mind behind VDB is Stephan Obst, who developed and designed and made the first mechanical VDB watches. He is supported by a small team of the best watchmakers in Thuringia. Most of the suppliers also settled here in the green heart of Germany.

The Three Pillars

VDB manufactures in three directions: A limited edition of 15 hand-made watches; since 2011 there has also been a larger series of 200; the well renowned VDB crown-sealing custom made watch, which involves many hours of the finest artisan’s handwork and is in the true sense of the word, a unique piece.

On the Subject of Sustainability

The planning and manufacture of VDB watches places great importance on natural raw materials, environmental compatibility, as well as the conservation of resources. We only use ecologically certified materials, and digitally transact our business.

The Innovative VDB

VDB is not lacking in innovation; even compared with the larger manufacturers. For example, the self-developed and patented crown seal mechanism, which was designed in Erfurt, is still unique. VDB is regarded in the branch as the forerunner of the introduction of 28mm wrist straps, which has now almost become the norm.

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