Frequently Asked Questions

Round the watch

What does made in Germany really mean?

All Vintage VDB handmade series watches, as well as our custom-made watches, are exclusively manufactured by hand in Erfurt – the exception being the historical workings. These are completely overhauled, again by hand, by a certified master German watchmaker. The label “Made in Germany” is representative of all the casing parts, as well as the strap of each individual watch.

Is the name Vintage VDB protected?

Vintage VDB is a registered brand name, which is fully protected. Any unauthorised usage of the name shall be punished with the full vigour of the law on VDB’s behalf.

How long does it take to fabricate a watch?

The average production time for a handmade VDB watch is between three and four months.

How are VDB watches regulated?

Every individual VDB watch is worked on by a certified master German watchmaker right from its conception. This method also applies to any adjustments or maintenance which may arise.

How accurate is my watch?

In order to answer this question, we must focus on the three VDB business principles:

a)     Manufactured series watches – for these models, we only use new, commercially available mechanical workings, which have an accuracy tolerance of 0 – 20 seconds.

b)     Handmade series watches – these are exclusively produced by hand in Erfurt. The core of these are the historical workings manufactured by renowned companies.  We should point out here that, for example, a mechanism produced in the 1940s (despite its precision manufacture) is different in accuracy from a working made according to today’s standards.

c)     The Vintage VDM custom made watches are also subject to b).

Allergies: Which materials do Vintage VDB use, and is the stainless steel casing nickel free?

Besides having an unusual and different design, the work at VDB is characterised by the choice of innovative materials.

We predominantly use stainless steel, Damascus steel, bronze, titanium, silver, and many other premium materials. When sourcing our raw materials, we take the high quality into consideration, in order to avoid any reaction to the clients’ wrists. Please inform us when you order as to any known allergic reactions so that we may advise you accordingly.

May I wear my watch while swimming, diving, or going into the sauna?

All VDB watches in our range are essentially waterproof. All the relevant details are to be found in our product descriptions. With some of our handmade series watches, as well as with our custom designs, we cannot guarantee a particular waterproof level. Naturally, we recommend that you discuss this with us prior to ordering.

How, how often, and when should I wind my watch?

The winding of a watch and particularly a VDB watch is an important ritual! We recommend that you wind your watch once a day at the same time; perhaps in the morning after dressing.

Your Order

May I order a watch for a trial period?

Vintage VDB is primarily a direct marketer and that is unfortunately why we cannot provide watches on a trial basis. All online orders are governed by the rules of the German online purchasing legislation. You are more than welcome to try on one of our models during a personal visit to our premises in Erfurt, or with one of our international partners.

May I return or exchange my watch?

In accordance with our general trading terms, you may return or exchange your watch within a period of fourteen days. Upon return, we reserve the right (after inspection) to refund the purchase price less the costs for any repairs or restoration.

How long is the guarantee on my watch?

On the annual series models, Vintage VDB issues a full two year guarantee. VDB reserves the right to dismiss guarantee claims or recalls due to faults resultant from improper use or abuse of the item. This excludes leather straps, which are a consumable, and are expected to wear in a given time. It is compulsory that any defects be notified immediately upon receipt.

I would like a different strap: Is that possible?

VDB constantly holds a changing selection of straps. For the current selection, please refer to the Vintage VDB online shop and, should you have a special wish, please contact us by telephone or in writing.

May I express special wishes when I order my watch?

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of custom made watches each year. Should you have that special wish, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there hidden costs with an order?

There are no further costs unless you choose a different freight option from our shop. Should this be your choice, please contact us directly.

Is it possible to purchase VDB gift vouchers?

We are more than happy to issue a voucher to your desired amount, which has no time limit for its usage, and may even be passed on to a third party. We only ask that should you pass the voucher on, VDB is informed at the earliest convenience, in order to prevent any concerns with its presentation.

May I collect my Vintage VDB in person?

Naturally. We are always overjoyed to greet our new clients and Vintage VDB fans, and heartily welcome you to our premises in Erfurt, where you also have the possibility to meet us. Should you wish to collect your watch from us, we only ask that you make an appointment first, either per telephone or in writing. This ensures that we are there for you.

Payment and Shipping

Which payment opportunities are offered on the Vintage VDB web shop?

You may choose from either PayPal or a bank transfer. A cash payment, when you collect your watch in person, is naturally also possible. We prefer either of the two aforementioned methods.

Is my order sent via insured delivery?

We send your VDB watch via DHL Business Express within Germany; enabling delivery the following day. For other European and non-European lands, FedEx Business Express is used; reaching your country as per the FedEx terms and conditions. Both of these methods ensure that your watch is fully insured.

How quickly will my watch be despatched?

If the ordered watch is in stock, shipment will take place within 48 hours of the payment verification. For any other watches, we ask that you refer to the product description in our online shop.

Is the freight included in the purchase price?

For inland insured freight via DHL, we calculate a charge of €27.50. For deliveries via FedEx, there is a charge of €99.00. Please be aware that depending on the country of receipt, other costs may be incurred.

How is my watch packaged?

We always ship in an unmarked package, in order not to encourage any pilfering of the goods. Your VDB watch is carefully packed and labelled as a breakable item. For international freight, FedEx also have their own packaging.

Watch straps

What strap lengths are available?

You have the choice between three standard lengths. Should you require something other than one of these, please contact us directly per telephone or in writing.

May I have a metal band or folding clasp strap?

According to the Vintage VDB philosophy, all watches are delivered with either a rubber, leather, or canvas strap. A metal band is not envisaged.


How often should my watch be serviced?

We recommend that you have your watch serviced every three years, in order to maintain it  perfectly. We would be glad to address your concerns in this area personally.

May I return my watch to Erfurt for overhauling or repair?

Of course. Please contact us in person before you undertake any action so that we may advise you as to freight and service.

How may I best send my watch?

For an insured return within Germany, we recommend the company Galle Werttransporte GmbH. For international clients, we can organise collection and freight via FedEx for you.

What costs are involved in an overhaul or repair?

The amount for either overhaul or repair is calculated based on the amount of work involved. We are happy to advise you here and also provide a quotation in advance.

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