VDB 2011

Here you can pre order the new Clock binding.

We build only 200 copies of this clock and look forward to your reservation. Of course you can also your favorite serial number order from us. Folling serial numbers  are still available – 101 -199. Price for the VDB 2011 - 990,00 EUR

In a binding order 500,00 EUR deposite will be due. Please transfer the deposite to the following bank account!

The  Clock will be delivered in 6 months.  We look forward to your order. We are happy to answer questions by email. More information »here

For international Transfer


Commerzbank AG, Kaiserplatz, Frankfurt am Main


Stephan Obst





binding order

500,00 EU


You have the opportunity to pay paybal (4% fee in Germany, 1% pay VDB)

For further questions or interest please contact me.


The VintageVDB Team